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Here are a selection of quotes from recent guests:

"Just a short note to express our appreciation for your tour of Belfast & the Titanic. It exceeded our expectations in every way" - Mary Brown

"You cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, find a better Titanic tour than this one. " - Seth R, Arizona

"You have not seen Belfast until you see it through the eyes of the great-granddaughter of Thomas Millar, assistant engineer and victim of the Titanic disaster." - Melinda Ratchford, North Carolina

"We would definitely recommend putting Susie's Titanic Tour at the top of your list of 'things to do & see' when visiting Belfast!" - Michelle & Rebecca Constable, Essex

"I would strongly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Belfast - it is by far the most engaging experience with Belfast's history available." - Danielle Greigo, Chicago

"Susie is very knowledgeable about the Titanic history, but because of her own personal experiences being in the journalism field in Belfast, she also has a wealth of experience about Belfast and the last 19 years covering the news there." - Julie Taggart, Milwaukee

"Thank you again for the experience of lifetime." - Bill Deibert, Virginia

"With visits to areas other people don't get to see such as SS Nomadic it really was a wonderfully informative and enjoyable tour. We will be recommending Susie to all our clients that call into Belfast." - Tony Hammond,

"Television journalist Susie Millar gives a personal slant to her tour. She showed me a short film about Tommy Millar and the coins that he pressed into his sons' hands before he sailed on Titanic. - Sunday Express Travel