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Titanic Pigeon Forge - 2011 Visits

Susie has recently returned from her second 2011 visit to Titanic Pigeon Forge, the World's largest Titanic attraction.

Pigeon Forge Exterior

Tommy Millar's story is featured within the museum, which honours Titanic passengers and crew. Susie's first visit was in March 2011, to launch & promote her new book "The Two Pennies" which tells the true story of the Millar family in the lead up to Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912.

Pigeon Forge Interior

Susie was interviewed by numerous local television & radio stations, including local NBC affiliate Channel 10 WBIR, whose interview you can watch below (requires Flash):

You can also watch the WBIR interview & read the full web story here.

It was a very worthwhile and enjoyable visit and a firm link has been established between Titanic Tours Belfast & Titanic Pigeon Forge.