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Titanic Facts

Here are some facts about Titanic that are not commonly known:

  • Titanic’s keel was laid on 31st March 1909
  • She took 26 months to complete on the slipway and was launched in May 1911
  • At the time of her launch, Titanic was the largest man-made object ever moved
  • On the day she was launched, her sister ship RMS Olympic was handed over to her new owners, the White Star Line
  • Titanic spent a further nine months at the fitting out wharf where her funnels, superstructure and boilers were added
  • Titanic’s fourth funnel was not connected to an engine or boiler
  • Titanic’s 16 wooden lifeboats and 4 collapsible lifeboats were installed in January 1912
  • 63 lifeboats would have been required to evacuate Titanic’s maximum capacity of passengers and crew
  • Only one Belfast crew member was given a marked grave in Halifax, Nova Scotia. William McQuillan, a fireman, was identified by his union card